At Brighter Tomorrow, our vision is to see even the most vulnerable children in shelters realizing equitable outcomes. We understand the most vulnerable as children who either do not have a family to support them, or children whose families are unable to provide a safe space for them to grow up in. Many of these children end up in shelters, which struggle to address more than infrastructure and basic needs, so Brighter Tomorrow focuses on providing them with additional care, motivation and support systems by educating them, to ensure that they flourish and make a self-sustainable life for themselves as well as for others..



Brighter Tomorrow is a youth-driven, non-profit organization working to ensure equitable outcomes for underprivileged children in orphanages and street shelters. Registered as a non-profit organization with a pledge to serve the poor, needy and deprived sections of our society, Brighter Tomorrow reaches out to children spread across multiple cities in India through a highly efficient and strong volunteer network. Our volunteers commit anywhere from a month to an year and spend between 2 and 10 hours every week mentoring, teaching and interacting with children in order to ensure that they get the support and care they need to learn and grow during childhood.

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