Remember these faces? We all come across many such people, every single day. 

Most of us try to help these people by furnishing monetary assistance, as and when they ask for it, be it at a traffic signal or outside a restaurant. Also, we tend to experience a sense of prodigious gratification by doing this for the society. 

Albeit it appears to be an exceptionally munificent gesture, what we do not discern is that the story does not conclude there. That feeling of gratification is forsooth, fairly ostensible.

The moment we bother to take a deeper look at what happens after we perform this generous move, we might learn that we are unknowingly promoting two very condemnatory issues :

1) By donating money to these child-beggars, we are in turn encouraging more and more children to get enticed towards this affair. This forces them not to think about getting a formal education because they feel that they can earn and maintain a decent lifestyle without putting in hefty efforts.

2) Again, by fostering such Child-Beggars, we are incidentally promoting trafficking of small, innocent children. Children are kidnapped from their homes and taken to be bought and sold into the markets.

According to UNICEF, more than a third of such children in India are made to indulge in unfortunate activities like begging. Our donations make the traffickers feel that it is a lucrative business for them to drag more and more innocent children into this activity.

By starting this drive against Child Begging and Trafficking, our mission is to witness equitable outcomes for vulnerable children by terminating this consequential promotion of trafficking and child begging.

So come and join us in our drive to eliminate child trafficking and help us create a Brighter Tomorrow.

Willing to subscribe to this cause? Get involved in this real contribution to society by filling this volunteer application form - 


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