Shelter of Hope: Stop Child Begging!

Most of us do have sympathy towards child beggars and try to help kids by giving one-two rupees at traffic signals. At an average, every child earns Rs 200 per day, so it has become a very profitable business and more children are brought into begging without being sent to school. There have been number of reports revealed that missing children from their homes or neighbourhood end up in begging and other dark business. Do you know the average age of these kids? It is 5 yrs! The adults carrying sleeping children are the most common form of human trafficking and the reason is these kids are not given proper food and small kids are given sleeping tablets so that they will sleep without crying.

By definition, child begging occurs in people younger than eighteen, though forced begging has been found by UNICEF to exist among children as young as the age of two. Incidences of this practice have been recorded at traffic signals, on the roads, outside restaurants or even at your doorstep. By giving alms, do you know that you are creating opportunity for many more to be forced into begging?

To discourage child beggars by denying to help them with money, the only goal that would be left for them is to pursue some sort of education to earn money and this is one of our key goals at Brighter Tomorrow.

Be a good example: Take an initiative and work for the betterment of these children. Most people get into the line because others do. Let yourself be in the lead to bring others with you.

Reach out to neighbours and relatives: Help the people around you understand the consequences of child begging and stop them from doing the same.

Take action: Don't wait for someone else to do it! The more people will know about abuse and neglect, the more we can do, to stop it.

Volunteer: Give your time in a child crisis shelter, support programs or shelter for the homeless.*

Learn more about child abuse prevention: Teach others and plan an adult education program to inform people about children's needs.*

*Contact -"" to know more on how you can contribute to this cause.

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